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Cookies, Cars, & Football: Taking a Deeper Look at IMC and Social Media

When setting out to do a little research for this week’s blog post I was tasked with the challenge of finding three brands that use all of these social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • and at least one more– Pinterest/LinkedIn/YouTube

Easy, right?!  Wrong!!  Why was it so difficult?  Well for starters I discovered that many brands do not advertise all of their social media accounts on their websites.  Can you believe it?!  I was stunned to discover the likes of Oreo, for example, doesn’t link their  Pinterest page on their main website (sidenote: turns out the Pinterest page is the official Oreo Pinterest page, but isn’t run directly by Oreo).  But Oreo isn’t alone, many many others have made the same mistake.  Okay, enough complaining, this oversight just made this assignment a little more time consuming.  In the end I selected Oreo, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Fiat USA.  All of them meet the social media criteria in that they have accounts, but none have all their social media links on their main website.  Oops!

Now it’s time to take a deeper looking into these brands are doing to create consistent branding and integrated marketing communication via social media.


oreo image

  • Do they take an IMC approach?

Definitely, yes!  Oreo is a prime example of how to integrate all of your marketing across different platforms.  The content they create is shared on multiple platforms, and they continue to use the same imagery in multiple channels.

  • Are they consistent in messaging and imagery?

Yes.  Across these media platforms they continue to use cartoon like images to market the brand.  They sometimes even use the same photos on multiple sites.  For example, the Oreo image used above is from their “Wonderfilled” campaign and is used as the feature/cover image on their YouTube channel, Twitter, and Facebook page.  On Instagram, they’ve used more photography than cartoons to suite the photography based social media platform, but they still use the same cartoon Oreo as their profile picture.

instagram oreo screenshot

This content marketing strategy with Wonderfilled, is shown through all their social media platforms.  Excellent example of IMC!!  What’s missing?  Well I find it peculiar that Oreo has a link to “plus one” them on Google Plus, but they don’t appear to have their own Google Plus page.

oreo bottom links

  • Is content up to date?

Yes indeed, again!  Oreo is definitely investing the time and energy to their social media aspect of it’s IMC!  For example, Facebook gets updates every few days, Twitter nearly every day, and Instagram had 16 posts in September.  It’s important to note  the timing.  All the posts are made regularly so as not to leave a gap period when content isn’t getting pushed out.

  • How do they drive users to the other social channels?

Thank you Oreo for making it easy for users to find your social media accounts on your main webpage!  The VERY simple homepage features three different spots to connect via multiple social media channels: top right has wikis, bottom right box, and the very bottom banner.

  • Are hashtags used regularly?

Absoultely, yes!!  On every tweet they’ve used hashtags, and on Instagram as well.  They utilize #Wonderfilled for their campaign, and they get creative with hashtags related to dunking, since Oreo is known as “milk’s favorite cookie.”

Jacksonville Jaguars

jags logo

  • Do they take an IMC approach?

The social media aspect of the Jacksonville Jaguar’s IMC is alive and well!!  Holy cow are they active!!  The Jags are not doing so hot on the scoreboard, but they’ve got social media marketing figured out.  The Jacksonville Jaguars do not miss a chance to utilize their logo and to promote all things Jacksonville Jaguars.  Check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

  •  Are they consistent in messaging and imagery?

When going onto any of their social media sites it’s easy to see within seconds that  you are on the official Jacksonville Jaguars page because they are so consistent in style, colors, and fonts.  The messaging is also consistent in that they are not just a sports team, they are also part of a community.  This is shown with their “Stand United” slogan on all social media and print media. Their efforts to support breast cancer awareness can also be seen on their Facebook page.

jags breast cancer

  • Is content up to date?

The content is 100% up to date.  Who needs to watch the game when you can follow them on Twitter? They post game updates, scores, replay videos, and even a ways to watch warm-ups.  I’ve got to be honest, I’m not into sports, but if I was this would get me really excited.  I can certainly appreciate all the effort from a social media and communications stand point.

  •  How do they drive users to the other social channels?

Again, they’ve made it easy for fans to connect with them via social media by putting their social media wikis in the top right of their main web page.  One way they are driving traffic to their other sites is shown here on their Twitter page, they ask people to “like” them on Facebook.  However, what’s missing is a link to their Google Plus page, which looks just as active as Facebook and Twitter.  This is a missed opportunity.

jags twitter shot

  • Are hashtags used regularly?

#Standunited.  This is their slogan and signature hashtag which is utilized a lot on Twitter and Instagram.  They aren’t using hashtags on Facebook very much, but maybe they’ll catch on.  Here’s an example from their Pinterest board called “#standunited.”  That’s IMC.

standunited jags


Fiat USA


  • Do they take an IMC approach?

Once again we can see the signature Fiat logo front and center on all their media, including social media.  The consistency across all platforms helps us all understand who they are as a brand.  Take a look here at how similarly they’ve designed their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, and Pinterest.  What’s strange here is that I had to hunt to find their Google Plus, Pinterest, AND Instragram pages because they are not profiled on their website or social media channels.

  • Are they consistent in messaging and imagery?

100% yes, Fiat is consistent in messaging and imagery.  Simply taking a quick glance at all their social media channels and website it’s easy to see they are linked with the same red, white, and silver coloring.  The font stays the same, and they never waver from profiling their logo.  Their bold color choices compliment their new messaging to market the 500L (the bigger version of the traditional Fiat 500), saying the L is for living.

  • Is content up to date?

The content stays pretty up to date with happenings, with Twitter being the most active.  What’s curious is that they use the same Twitter account for all countries, so people see tweets in English and Italian.  This could be annoying if you follow them.  The other social media channels aren’t updated as often, but all of them are updated weekly.

  • How do they drive users to the other social channels?

Here we finally see a brand that is using social media wikis not just on their main website but also on their YouTube page, helping to drive traffic to other social media channels.  Oddly enough they profile more social media channels on their YouTube page than they do on their own website.

fiat wikis

  • Are hashtags used regularly?

No, unfortunately the majority of the posts do not use hashtags.  This is really limiting their IMC and limiting their audience reach.  Occasionally a hashtag is used on Twitter, the most obvious choice; but nowhere did I see a hashtag on Google Plus, which is a big mistake as it under utilizes their SEO.


3 thoughts on “Cookies, Cars, & Football: Taking a Deeper Look at IMC and Social Media

    1. Darleen, I’m so glad it was helpful for you. It also helps me to know what I’m communicating my ideas clearly, so thank you for giving me some feedback!

  1. Wonderful post Blythe! Fiat’s YouTube with the links to social media shows you sometimes the social platforms are so much easier to update than your own website! Whether it’s ad agency delays or in-house IT/marketing slow on the updates… YouTube, Facebook and others’ “click your way” style of setting up a channel makes it easy to for a brand to take full advantage of so many features.

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