zippyz zips from foot to belly

IMC for Little Trendyz

About Little Trendyz

Little Trendyz is a growing baby clothing line with the feature product, “Little Zippyz”- a onezie pajama that zips from ankle to belly with three snap buttons on the chest.  The idea behind the product is to make diaper changes easier for the caregiver and more comfortable for the baby.  The patented Little Zippyz design has garnered national attention with PopSugar Moms naming Little Zippys as one of The 5 Fastest Ways to Change Your Baby and attracted the attention of celebrity and fashion designer Giuliana Rancic. 

 What makes Little Trendyz special is that it is a mom-owned company created and run by a mother whose inspiration comes from her own experience caring for her little one.  The company is all about creating comfort for babies, keeping their skin warm and safe from clothing irritation.  The patented Zippyz design cuts down on diaper changing time by more than 50%, making nighttime diaper changes easier, keeping the baby warm and calm.

Target Audience

The target audience for Little Trendyz is any caregiver of child 0-12 months.  This primarily includes new parents, but it also includes relatives and friends of new parents.  With a huge retail market for baby showers, there are big possibilities for also marketing Little Trendyz not just to expecting mothers but also to friends and family of expecting mothers, focusing on women ages 18-55.



  • The unique design is patented
  • The newness of the product makes it special, exciting, and a great gift
  • Available for purchase directly through website
  • Press coverage, includes a Huggies MomInspired grant award and Popsugar Moms


  • Not currently available in big box stores
  • Low online presence, only found easily online with “Little Trendyz” or “Zippyz”
  • Inactive blog and inconsistent social media presence


  • Profile Zippyz as the time-saving p.j. for new moms and the perfect baby shower gift
  • Boost SEO ranking with blog and social media activity
  • Seek celebrity endorsements from women known to like the product (Rosie Pope, Guiliana Rancic).
  • Incorporate seasonal and personalized designs/patterns (when financing permits)


  • A few other innovative onezie designs marketed toward the same target audience (magnetic snaps)
  • Potential for big retailers to offer a similar design at a lower cost

Benefits of IMC

Little Trendyz would benefit tremendously with an IMC (integrated marketing communication) strategy using various multimedia channels.  An IMC strategy will allow Little Trendyz to create and nurture profitable relationships with consumers and stakeholders, strategically controlling and influencing messaging and encouraging dialogue[1].

In short, IMC will create a consistent look, feel, and message across a variety of media.  Utilizing several different types of media (email, social, and websites) increases brand awareness and sends a professional and reassuring message to consumers and stakeholders.  A study by Direct Mail Information Services shows that “60% of consumers prefer a combination of mail and online communications compared to one channel alone.” In terms of the bottom line, evidence supports an increase in sales when incorporating an IMC strategy.  According to InfoTrends, “Marketers report an average improvement of 35% for using multi-media campaigns using print, email, and web landing pages.”

Included in this plan is an evaluation of current marketing efforts and suggestions for an integrated marketing communications strategy related to Little Trendyz’s website, blog, social media, and events.

*The full version of the Integrated Marketing/Media Communications Plan was prepared for and shared privately for Lisa Feder Youngelson, Founder of Little Trendyz.

[1] Duncan, T. (2002). IMC: Using Advertising & Promotion to Build Brands (First Edition). New York: McGraw-Hill.


facebook insights

Facebook Insights and ROI

You have many choices when it comes to measuring your social media ROI, but chances are if you have a social media strategy Facebook is part of it.  In this post I will give you an idea what kind of assessment you can have when using Facebook Insights, which is free to any page administrator.

The company we will be looking at is ABC Health and Fitness,  a health and wellness company in central Florida.  All the analysis made below is based on a screen shot of Facebook Insights from September 2013.

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Reputation Management

This week is all about how a brand can maintain, or even improve, their reputation by responding to positive and negative comments from clients or customers.  Regardless of whether feedback is positive or negative, it’s in the best interest of the company to have a Social Media Manager reading reviews and responding to comments.  When a company engages with clients on review websites or social media platforms, it sends a message that 1) they are listening, 2) they care about customers’ experiences, and 3) they want to take pride in the companies reputation.

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Social Media Planning For Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This week is all about planning your social media strategy.  When it comes to social media, it’s not just about gaining followers and fans, it’s just as much about engaging with your fans and followers.  This week I have put together potential Facebook and Twitter posts Disney’s Animal Kingdom could use for all of December.  Ideally they could schedule these posts in a system like Hootsuite so the messages are posted at the most effective time of day, more on perfecting posts here.

The idea behind these posts isn’t to shamelessly plug buying tickets to the park!  Rather the idea here is to encourage interaction among the fans and promote what’s special at the park for the month of December.  What you can see in this 30 social media plan are different strategies to encourage engagement, this includes the use of hashtags, asking questions, photos, videos, blog links, various topics, and voting.  Give it a look over and then tell me your thoughts and ideas!

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learnist logo

Learnist: A Social Learning Experience

Okay, I admit, I’ve never liked school.  It’s just always one of those things I’ve done because I’ve had to do it.  So while I don’t enjoy the typical classroom way of learning, I DO enjoy learning new things.  Enter, Learnist!  It’s a social network specific to education.

When I first saw the word “education” associated with Learnist, I was a little hesitant to click because I assumed it was for education professionals.  Actually, Learnist is for anyone who wants to learn.  Learn about what, you ask?  Name it, they’ve got it (including professional resources for teachers)!  Here you can see an example of the diversity of topics featured side by side: math, humanities, ancient history, and tips for the home.  Education is 1 of 20 topics you can find on Learnist.

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Foursquare 101: Why Your Business Should Be On Foursquare

Remember the days when businesses left flyers on your car or at your front door?  Actually those days do still exist!  Just last week I received a magnet with a coupon for a new pizza place just a few blocks away.  The days of print marketing are not necessarily gone, but are they as effective as they used to be (not to mention the cost of printing and distribution)?!  Truth be told there’s a new and more affordable marketing strategy called proximity marketing.   “Proximity marketing merges the physical and digital domains by using mobile devices to reach consumers at the greatest point of influence, providing bargains for shoppers and increased sales and consumer insights for retailers.”  Sounds pretty good right?

Think of proximity marketing like a mobile flyer featuring discounts and specials that gets updated based on your location.  This in essence is Foursquare.

Read on for more details or click here for a cliff notes version in a Prezi!

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image- oreo

Cookies, Cars, & Football: Taking a Deeper Look at IMC and Social Media

When setting out to do a little research for this week’s blog post I was tasked with the challenge of finding three brands that use all of these social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • and at least one more– Pinterest/LinkedIn/YouTube

Easy, right?!  Wrong!!  Why was it so difficult?  Well for starters I discovered that many brands do not advertise all of their social media accounts on their websites.  Can you believe it?!  I was stunned to discover the likes of Oreo, for example, doesn’t link their  Pinterest page on their main website (sidenote: turns out the Pinterest page is the official Oreo Pinterest page, but isn’t run directly by Oreo).  But Oreo isn’t alone, many many others have made the same mistake.  Okay, enough complaining, this oversight just made this assignment a little more time consuming.  In the end I selected Oreo, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Fiat USA.  All of them meet the social media criteria in that they have accounts, but none have all their social media links on their main website.  Oops!

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A blog post about BLOGS

Here we are in week five and almost have way through the semester!!  Yay!  Well, this week is about blogs.  Okay, I’ve got to be honest, I have a blog, but I’m not that into blogs.  That meaning I’m not very good about reading blogs on a regular basis.  So for this blog post I actually had to do a little hunting to find some other blogs I’d like to profile.  I didn’t have pre-selected favorites, or go-to’s, but I selected blogs I did because 4/5 I have an established connection to the bloggers.  Nonetheless, if it wasn’t visually appealing it got nixed.

So what makes a good blog:

  1. Visually appealing– When I was hunting around for blogs, I didn’t stay on sites very long if I didn’t like the format or visual.  There were many blogs I closed out of because I found the homepages to be crowded and overwhelming.  Have a great, clean design.
  2. Good Content– We’ve heard it before right, “content is king.”  But really it’s true.  The content has to resonant with your audience, and how do you know what your audience wants?  You can ask them!
  3. Current and Up to Date posts– There was a blog I almost selected to profile, but they haven’t created a blog post in seven months!  You’ve got to stay active to keep readers engaged.  The type of blog dictates how often to post content, but minimum one per week regardless.
  4. Easy to Connect– The number of times I’ve found a new blog on Pinterest and thought to myself, “I want to remember this one” is ridiculous.  There are a lot of great blogs out there, but you’ve got to make it easy for your readers to come back.  This includes having social media widgits, email sign-ups, etc.

It’s also important to understand that there all kinds of blogs with different purposes.

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